The Seventh Continent
September 14 – November 10, 2019
16th Istanbul Biennal, Istanbul, Turkey

Installation view of The Seventh Continent, 16th Istanbul Biennal, Istanbul, Turkey, 2019
Photo: Sahir Uğur Eren


Press release

The Seventh Continentis an anthropology of an off-centred world and an archaeology of our times. It defines today’s art as an archipelago of diverse enquiries into global life, tracking the prints of human activity on the earth and our impact on its non-human inhabitants.

Haegue Yang’s The Intermediates (2015–ongoing) are placed within the wallpaper piece Incubation and Exhaustion. Embellished for the biennial, Incubation and Exhaustion – Version Istanbul incorporates Medusas, feathered angels, ‘broken’ tulips and adapted Secchi disks. Scenographic elements such as moving lights, scented gym balls and sound complete the immersive setting. In April 2018, North Korean leader met South Korean President for an inter-Korean summit in a demilitarised zone in the middle of the Korean peninsula. In the live press broadcast of the half-hour private discussion, nothing but the song of native birds and camera clicks was audible. The audio from this historical meeting is incorporated into Yang’s installation.


Exhibited Works

Incubation and Exhaustion, 2018

The Intermediates, 2015-