Schnur im Nebel (Introtourismus) – erneut eingeschlossen

Locked safe with envelopes containing correspondence, photo prints and 35 mm photo negatives on a table with a chair.

Dimensions variable

Courtesy of the artist

Photo: Nozomi Tomoeda

* The original work Schnur im Nebel (Introtourismus) from 2005 was produced in collaboration with Peter Lütje as a homage to Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster. This work involved the artists taking a trip to the Baltic Sea which was documented with disposable cameras. The images remained intentionally undeveloped until years later, when, against the will of Lütje and Yang the disposable cameras were opened and the film developed.The artists refused to see them and Yang concealed them by locking them inside a safe and throwing away the key.

Exhibition history

Kunst und Philosophie, n.b.k. – Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin, Germany, 2011

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