Wooden screens, paint, metal connectors, metal feet

10 pieces, 200 x 80 cm each

Collection of of Bristol's Museums, Galleries & Archives

Installation view of Tomorrow, ArtSonje Center, Seoul, Korea, 2007
Photo: Jinuk Choi and Samuso

Holiday for Tomorrow - Haegue Yang Holiday for Tomorrow - Haegue yang

Exhibition history

How to write I, Galerie Barbara Wien, Berlinn, Germany, 2013

Two Winters, presentation with Kukje Gallery at the M Building, Miami, USA, 2011

Sequelism. Episode 3: Possible, Probable or Preferable Futures, Arnolfini, Bristol, UK, 2009

Open / Invited e v+ a 2008 – Too Early For Vacation, Limerick, UK, 2008

Tomorrow, ArtSonje Center, Seoul, South Korea, 2007

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