Conditionally Extended Invitations – The More the Merrier

Invitations to include additional guests within the restraints of the budget

Courtesy of the artist

rraum03, Protoacademy, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2001
Photo: Studio Haegue Yang

Additional invitations for the guests as far as the budget allows.

This work is a part of one week event consisting of various activities and lectures of frankfurter artist collective, rraum-project and realised by the invitation from the another artists collective based in edinburgh, named Protoacademy.

This project, Conditionally extended invitations-the more the merrier, responds to the idea of collective and its delivery which is simply described as six additionally invited guests from Frankfurt.

The project references artists and curators collective, corporate territory and openness toward the outside of own group dynamics as a response to usual public expectation produced around one creative collectives.

Not only the presence of one artist is extended into more and the various forms, but also the expected artistic recognition is transformed into the effort finding proper and inspiring personalities, who representing and reflecting the whole occasion through the invitation of Protoacademy to rraum-project.

The Guests are: Dirk Fleischmann (artist)
Parisa Kind (art historian)
Sandra Kranich (artist)
Bianca Rampas (film-maker)
Thomas Seidemann (artist)
Gottfried Eichhoff (lawyer)
RRAUM03, Protoacademy, Edinburgh

'In her work Haegue Yang often communicates structures of social, cultural and economic conditions.They always express the alterability of established structures; They demonstrate alternative cultural or linguistic structures als well as unestablished possibilities of transporting, translating and appropriating.' These words by Jochen Volz describe aspects of Haegue Yangs work that apply to her work "Conditionally extended invitations - the more the merrier." These extended invitations examine different aspects of collective as well as reflecting on notion of presence and representation of those originally invited and in general. By inviting other people for a week stay Haegue Yang aims to transfers her authorship to each of those she invited, thereby also extending their possibilities- to build up contacts, to get to know the structure and members of protoacademy, to visit the city and to go to the beach! "The expected artistic visualisation or activity is translated into the effort of finding proper and inspiring personalities representing and reflecting the whole occasion through the invitation from Protoacademy" (quote Haegue Yang).

- Meike Behm

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