Beautiful world, where are you?
July 14 – Octobr 28, 2018
Liverpool Biennial, Tate Liverpool, Liverpool, UK

Installation view of Beautiful world, where are you?, Liverpool Biennial, Tate Liverpool, Liverpool, UK, 2018
Photo: Studio Haegue Yang


Catalog text

At Tate Liverpool, Haegue Yang creates a new environment for her straw weaving sculptural series, The Intermediates (2015-ongoing). The backdrop will consist of a wallpaper, suspended sound stations, artificial plants and upside down Maypole ribbons. Made of artificial straw, The Intermediates allude to traditional arts and crafts and modern industrial production methods. By representing figures and sites from folk tales, civilizational developments as well as contemporary phenomena in a variety of daring configurations, they refer to definitions of ‘paganism’. Developed in collaboration with Liverpool-based designer Mike Carney, the wallpaper reflects upon The Intermediates as well as represent their collective reading of possible juxtapositions of pagan traditions and modern history, both in local and epic ways. Yang’s immersive installation will reflect the folk traditions, such as maypole dance by attaching ribbons from the pillars to the ceiling of the Wolfson Gallery at Tate Liverpool, creating a topsy-turvy landscape. Complemented by sound elements, employing environmental sounds from the British Library’s sound collection, Yang attempts to create a hybrid space, where connotations keep reminding of our environment and heritage, yet also sliding from conventional understandings of them, travelling to unknown territories where our yearnings for beautiful worlds will eventually echo.


Exhibited works

Dockside Rock and Roll, 2018

The Intermediates, 2016