Street Modality

Color photographs

25.5 x 38.5 cm

Three photographs, each 25.5 x 38.5 cm. These photographs show three different street scenes with
seating that, on the one hand, looks quite ordinary but on the other is arranged in
an extraordinary way for a specific situation or purpose. In the photos, one can find intense and
specific individual human interventions, although no figurative motifs can be discerned or human. The
documented pieces of street furniture form and display a legible sign of how humans deal with residual
spaces in on urban surrounding. These photographs show three different street scenes with Sitzmoebeln
that look of a hand, habitually, but are set up unusual or specifically for each situation and purpose. In
the intense and specific individual photographs of human intervention are to be found, although no figure Lichen or human subjects are identified. The form documented Mobiliare road and show a legible sign of human use of Restflaeche in an urban environment. 

Exhibition history

Special Colors
, Municipal Gallery of Darmstadt, Germany, 2001

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