Vita Activa - The Human Condition

Four work stations around a concrete hill: reading station, writing station, reading and recording station, listening and knitting station, concrete, books, tables, chairs, pencils, note books, Walkman, headphone, knitting needles, knitting yarn, circular fluorescent tubes

Haubrok Collection (part of Storage Piece), Berlin.

Installation view of Hermès Korea Missulsang, Artsonje Centre, Seoul, South Korea, 2003
Photo: Studio Haegue Yang

Exhibition history

Your Bright Future: 12 Contemporary Artists from Korea, LACMA, Los Angeles, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, USA, 2009

Unpacking Storage Piece, Haubrokshows, Berlin, Germany, 2007

Hermès Korea Missulsang, Artsonje Center, Seoul, South Korea, 2003

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