Warrior Believer Lover


33 light sculptures, mixed media

Dimensions variable

Accompanied by The Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinski
Duration: 30 min, 3 times a day

Installation view of Arrivals, Kunsthaus Bregenz, Bregenz, Austria, 2011
Photo: Markus Tretter

Individual photos: Nick Ash

Group I

Female Natives

6 light sculptures with artificial plants

Collection of National Musum of Contemporary Art, Korea

Female Natives – Oratoricals

Female Native – Possessed Hillbilly

Female Native – Saturation out of Season

Female Native – Lunar Calendar

Female Native – Maturing

Female Native – Fruitful Glow


Group II

Medicine Men

6 light sculptures with wigs

Courtesy of Zabludowicz Collection

Medicine Man – Hairy Bloody

Medicine Man – Hairy Noble

Medicine Man – Hairy Mad Joint

Medicine Man – Indiscreet Other World

Medicine Man – A Good Hunk of Safety

Medicine Man – Out of Cave


Group III

Circular Flats

3 light sculptures with circular objects

BSI Art Collection, Switzerland

Circular Flat – Shaker Robe

Circular Flat – Pine Cone Robe

Circular Flat – Lotus Robe


Group IV

Totem Robots

3 light sculptures with fork-shaped arms

Courtesy of the artist

Totem Robot – Sidewise

Totem Robot – Askew

Totem Robot – Forward

Couple I

Square Splendors

Collection of Kunsthaus Bregenz

Square Splendor – Coalesced Orbits

Square Splendor – Deviated Orbits


Couple II

Pine Spells

Modern Media Co., HK

Pine Spell – Carbonized Summer

Pine Spell – Ashed Winter


Stone Dance – Flat Frontal

Dohmen Collection, Aachen

Stiff Sponge Belly Dance

Private Collection, NY

Dilemma Circus

Private Collection, Hong Kong

Ghost Fishing

Private Collection, Venice

Ocean Palm Tree

Private collection, Brazil

Thrifty Ghostie

Marc and Esmeralda Bollansee Collection

Animalesque Voodoo – Wind

Collection of Joseph Dalle Nogare

Kimono Temple

Private collection, Paris

Stone Dance – Angular Circular

Museum Ludwig, Cologne

Stone Dance – Flat Black

Kukje Gallery, Seoul

Stone Dance Shaded

Private Collection, Madrid


Exhibition history

ETA 1994-2018, Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany, 2018

Arrivals, Kunsthaus Bregenz, Bregenz, Austria, 2011

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