Traces of Anonymous Pupil Authors

B/W offset prints, laminated, mounted on aluminum dibond

16 pieces, 41.6 x 29.4 cm each

Courtesy of Galerie Barbara Wien, Berlin

Installation view of Family of Equivocations, Aubette 1928 and Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Strasbourg, France, 2013
Photo: Mathieu Bertola, Musées de la Ville de Strasbourg

Photo: Jaewon Choi

This work is based on korean school-books for the subjects social studies and general engineering in 7th to 9th grade. The workbooks belonged to the pupils themselves and show the markings they made while studying, i.e. circling, underlining, marking, crossing-out, completions, as well as additional instructions. They represent the pupils own connections, structuring and highlighting. In other words, it is the addition of one's own system to a system which, from the viewpoint of the pupils, is given and unalterable, in order to, in the end, fulfil the requirements of that system. I delete the given texts, so that only the personal notes added remain. I isolate the self-placed learning aids, so that they gain a degree of independence making one aware of the limitations of the given learning aids.

Exhibition history

ETA 1994-2018, Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany, 2018

Family of Equivocations, Aubette 1928 and Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Strasbourg, France, 2013

Air Hole: Another Conceptualism from Asia, The National Museum of Art, Osaka, Japan, 2011

Unpacking Storage Piece, Haubrokshows, Berlin, Germany, 2007

Punkt und Linie, Fläche und Raum, Zeichnung Heute, Overbeck-Gesellschaft, Lübeck, Germany, 2005

From Dust to Dusk: International Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2003

Subtile Elegance, La Galerie de Noisy-le-Sec, Noisy-le-Sec, France, 2002

Kunst und Technik, Mannheimer Kunstverein, Mannheim, Germany, 2002

We 're not going to give you pleasure, G39, Cardiff, UK, 2002

Luft und Wasser (Air and Water), Dresdner Bank, Frankfurt, Germany, 2002

Blink, Artsonje Center, Seoul, South Korea, 2002

Kunstpreis der Deutschen Volksbanken und Raiffeisenbanken, Kunst-Werke, Berlin, Germany, 2002

1 Site 2 Places, Galerie der Stadt, Sindelfingen, Germany, 2001

Sonderfarben, Kommunale Galerie Darmstadt, Germany, 2001

Tirana Biennale 1, Tirana, Albania, 2001

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