Double Soul
March 5, 2022 – July 31, 2022
SMK – Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen, Denmark

Installation view of Double Soul, SMK – Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2022
Photo: Jan Søndergaard and Anders Sune Berg
Video: Barsk Projects, Studio Haegue Yang



Press Release

In the spring of 2022, SMK (The National Gallery of Denmark) will host the first-ever solo presentation in Denmark of the internationally acclaimed South Korean artist Haegue Yang. Her distinctive and pluralistic worlds, expressed in works that engage all the senses, often engage with notions of movement and trajectories. The exhibition Haegue Yang: Double Soul presents a range of Yang’s original and multi-faceted works, including a sixteen-metre high suspended kinetic piece made of blinds, creature-like sculptures covered in bells, sound and text pieces, drying racks embellished with electric light bulbs and much more.

An extensive selection of works from 1994 to 2020 will be on view in this show alongside new pieces commissioned by SMK, such as a sculpture duo, Sonic Intermediates – Double Soul, inspired by the work and life of two pioneering artists in the SMK collection, Pia Arke (1958–2007) and Sonja Ferlov Mancoba (1911–1984), who, each in their own way, resonate with Yang’s artistic explorations and subjective mapping of modernities.

Preoccupied with countering reductive categorisations, Yang focuses on the entangled relations between folklore and contemporary culture, industrial manufacturing and craft, the factual and the imaginary, the quotidian and the exceptional as well as vulnerability and confidence among other seemingly oppositional and disparate ideas.


Exhibition guide

Haegue Yang: Double Soul, 2022

ed. by Marianne Torp and Karen Ormstrup Søndergaard
Design by Anni's
Published by SMK National Gallery of Denmark
English, Danish, 26 pages
Download exhibition booklet

Exhibited Works

3 Precious Things, 1995/2017

A Chronology of Conflated Dispersion – Duras and Yun, 2018 -

Anatomy of Pasta -

Anthology of Haegue Archives, 1998 -

Bathroom Contemplation, 2000 -

Blond Hair / Black Hair (dyed), 1995 -

Bottle with Pasta above the Door, 1995/2017 -

Dining Table, 1995/2017 -

Drunken Speech, 2007 -

Family Tree, 1995/2018 -

IKEA Cup as a Self-Portrait,1995/2018 -

Lacquer Paintings, 1999-2000/2011-

Lethal Love, 2008 -

Macaroni (Cable), 1995 -

Macaroni (Candele Lunghe), 1995/2017 -

Macaroni (Metal), 1995 -

Multiple Mourning Room, 2012 -

Mundus Cushion – Yielding X, 2020

Non-Indépliables, Nues, 2010 -

Practicing Baking, 1995/2017 -

Rod with Wire, 1994/2017 -

Sonic Figures, 2013-

Silo of Silence – Clicked Core, 2017 -

Sink with Wire, 1995/2017 -

Sonic Celestial Ropes, 2021

Sonic Rotating Whatever Openings, 2021-

The Art and Craft of the Menu, 1995 -

The Intermediate – Ceremonial Peacock Ball, 2015 -

The Intermediate – Psychic Turbine Vents Ball, 2017 -

The Story of a Bear-Lady in a Sand Cave, 2009/2011 -

Umbra Creatures by Rockhole, 2017-2018 -

Vita Cushion – Yielding S, 2020